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Rejuvenation Facial

What Is A Rejuvenation Facial?

Our Rejuvenation facial  is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin. It is a 7 step process that combines a regular facial with more advanced technologies. The facial takes approximately 1 hour and the results are instantly noticeable. The best part is there is no recovery time needed.

Unlike microdermabrasion, which blasts the skin’s surface with aluminum oxide crystals, this facial uses a hydrating wand that vacuums pores and then infuses the skin with moisturizing serums. This gentle approach is what makes our rejuvenation facial so soothing and refreshing.


The rejuvenation facial improves the appearance of:


  • Oily, acne-prone skin

  • Dry skin

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun damage

  • Age spots

  • Blackheads

  • Enlarged and clogged pores


What Are The Benefits of a Rejuvenation Facial?


 Suitable For All Skin Types


Whether your skin is oily and acne-prone, dry and flaky, or you have combination skin, you will benefit from this treatment. Even those with sensitive skin can safely enjoy multiple sessions!


 Gentle On The Skin

Despite the fact that this facial involves both exfoliation and extraction, it is painless and non-irritating to the skin. Since it delivers hydrating serums, patients are left with a smooth, radiant, healthy glow.  


Zero Downtime


The facial takes approximately 1 hour from start to finish, and there is no downtime required after the treatment. The improvement in skin texture and tone can be noticed immediately, so patients do not need to recover or wait for redness to disappear. In fact, you can put makeup on and resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. 


Can Be Paired With Other Treatments

This facial is non-invasive, meaning that patients can receive certain other skincare treatments in conjunction with it.  


Fully Customizable 


Your practitioner can tailor your facial treatment to your unique skin needs and aesthetic goals. In addition, the suction power of the vacuum can be adjusted so that it is more gentle in delicate spots, such as the eye area. 

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