Do imperfections and uneven texture have you feeling self conscious?

The natural aging process, as well as damage caused by exposure to outside factors, can have a negative impact on the quality and appearance of your complexation.


If you are experiencing skin concerns, and are looking for a reliable solution for replenishing your skin, Microneedling could be the solution you have been looking for.


What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is an advanced and highly-effective skin treatment that successfully exfoliates and replenishes the look and quality of skin tissue. It is a safe remedy for correcting a variety of common skin concerns including aging signs, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, dead and dull skin. This innovative remedy is so successful at rejuvenating past the surface because the specialized microneedling  method works to activate collagen production and regeneration of healthy skin tissue. Microneedling can have your skin looking vibrant and glowing.


How Does it Work?

Here at The Pampered Goddess Boutique, we create customized treatment plans that focus on the individualized needs and aesthetic goals of each client. Microneedling treatments are performed through the use of a specialized hand held device that is held to the skin and moved along the treatment area. The tip of the device has a series of microneedles that work to produce tiny micro punctures on the surface, while exfoliating away dead and damaged cells. These micro punctures activate collagen production and restoration within tissue for improved circulation and replenishment. Increased collagen levels and replenishment within the treatment area work to diminish skin concerns from within and on the surface of skin.

Results can be visible following treatment, and continue to progress as collagen production continues for a smooth and even tone. This revitalizing remedy can have your skin looking and feeling its best for an improved, natural glow.



There are many benefits that personalized microneedling treatments can provide you including:

  • Quick and comfortable treatments

  • Activate collagen production

  • Smooth away dead skin

  • Even tone and texture

  • Diminish aging concerns

  • Eliminate skin imperfections