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Wrinkle Fix Membership

Become a Wrinkle Fix Member today and gain access to exclusive benefits and savings on Botox

as well as earn discounts on Fillers, facials, and more!


$100 a month gets you so much!!!

Signing up is easy, simply email us to get started and get one treatment every quarter, in a flexible monthly payment plan to fit your budget.​

  • Up to 30 units for three areas (Glabella, Crows Feet and/or Forehead)

  • Additional units or areas at $10 per unit

  • $100 off fillers

  • 15% off all other service

Why get a Membership?

A Botox Membership you will save a guaranteed $300 per year, plus you receive the following perks: 

  1. Lock in a low per-unit price for your Botox

  2. Convenient, no-stress appointment scheduling

  3. Personalized treatment protocol based on your aesthetic needs

  4. No unnecessary dilutions or substitutions–ever.

Can I buy more than 1 membership?

You can only have 1 Wrinkle Fix Membership at a time.

You can purchase the Facial Glo Membership in addition to this one. 

Can I cancel? 

Yes, you can cancel anytime before your first treatment for a full refund or after your quarterly treatment

( You can email for cancellations)

I just got my treatment, can I cancel my membership?

If you received treatment in that quarter but haven’t made the quarterly payments, the membership wouldn’t be canceled until all payments are received. For instance, If you are a member for four months, and have had two treatments in Month 1 and Month 4, your membership will be canceled after Month 6, when all 6 installments towards your payment are received.

Any other perks?

You will get an additional $100 off any service during your birthday month


additional 5% off any sales or specials that happen through the year!

Can I Pause my Membership

Yes, you can pause your membership after the first quarter or first three installments. Please reach out to us to pause your membership.

Please email us at with the subject line: Membership Pause: Your Name.

Please also include your email address and the reason in the email body. Please give us 2-4 business days to pause your membership. Your account wouldn’t be charged once the membership is paused.


  1. A consultation may be required to determine the exact number of treatment sessions

  2. This purchase cannot be used for any other area

  3. The membership cannot be cancelled within the first three months

  4. Must use all units per quarter (once in three months) in one visit

  5. Your units cannot be banked for a future quarter or future visit

  6. You can schedule a maximum of four visits per year

  7. Valid areas are for Glabella or Crows Feet or Forehead

  8. Not valid for masseters (jawline slimming, teeth grinding), platysmal bands (NeckFix), LipFlip, Gummy Smile, axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), migraines, or off label procedures

Extra Perks of Being a Member!

25% off Microneedling Treatment after 3rd installment

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$100 off any injectable for you and a friend after 6 installments

Facial for
50% off after 9th installment

20% off 1 Filler after 12th installment

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