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Will it be easy? Nope.... Will it be worth it? Most definitely.

At Embellish Med Spa, we are about more than aesthetics. We want to keep your body functioning at its peak—and looking good, too.

Our weight loss services—from medically supervised diet programs to vitamin B12 shots help our clients discover and nourish their best selves.

Weight Loss Management


What Are Appetite Suppressants?

At Embellish Med Spa, we have a medical solution for those who find it difficult to fight hunger on their own, yet cannot afford expensive surgeries. 

There are a variety of oral and injectable appetite suppressant medications that  help to decrease morning and evening hunger, thereby reducing daily caloric intake. Used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, appetite suppressants are an effective means of losing weight.

Our Nurse Practitioner Katie is ready to sit down and talk about a personalized weight loss management program for you with real results through our carefully-regulated prescription appetite suppressant program.


Give us a call today to see if prescription appetite suppressants would be the perfect solution for you!

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